Hi! I'm Latarria, Coyia refers to my middle name if you were wondering. Sometime several years ago, I had the conversation we all at some point need to have with and within ourselves. The one where we sift through what we thought to be true and come to discover the real truth of who we are. Exploring fearlessly what's really and truly important to us, who we are beyond the surface, what matters most and what our purpose? Here is where I document and share my findings. I certainly don't have it all figured out but I've learned to be confident in the things that I do know!

I write, I travel and I explore on all physical planes. I am a certified yoga instructor; a practice I began a few years ago to supplement my journey through healing and a deeper spiritual experience.

My hope is that this platform  puts me in position to inspire and motivate others to do good and be good in all ways. Whatever that may look like. To do the work and embark on their own healing journeys. Ultimately to see and approach life from a different perspective.