Book Release + Accessing the Tools to Heal


What a week it’s been. I released my first book and the responses thus far have simply confirmed for me that I’m on the right path. Somewhere in the early phases of writing my book, I came to the realization that it was going to be something far greater than me. Yes it was a personal passion project that I wanted to see complete, but when I couldn’t stay away from the process, when I couldn’t stop thinking about its potential impact and when I really began to lean into it, I knew then that this was a movement bigger than me. Fast forward to week one of release and after receiving a phone call from a dear friend, once again I knew I was on the right path. The phone call consisted of some tears, revelation and in other words raw unfiltered emotion. Which was exactly what I intended for this specific read. 

There are few words to describe how it feels to know that something you’ve created and put out into the world has left a mark on someone and even inspired them to delve deeper into their own personal journey of discovery and healing. It’s a feeling that wreaks of purpose. So much of my purpose in life is tied to helping women in particular access the tools they need to heal and empower them to expand and step into the truth and fullness of who they really are. 

Think about what it takes to put together any particular piece of furniture, install the engine in a car, to build a house or to even sew a full length gown. It requires a very specific set of tools and resources. Tools that are going to help you achieve whatever said goal it is that you’ve set out for yourself. The same goes for a person who is wanting to heal from suppressed trauma, ongoing pain, and or simply wanting to heal so that they can be the best versions of themselves. There are specific tools that one needs to have in their arsenal to help get the job done. It’s a journey and I believe the work never stops, however I do believe that the work can be that much more effective once you’re equipped with the right tools. 

The tools can look like anything from books to podcasts, specific motivational speakers (the ones that resonate with your spirit), a practiced spiritual walk, journaling, having the right people at your disposal, therapy  and the list goes on. Whatever those tools and resources look like, there’s no way around not having them especially when we’re talking about delving into a journey of healing, self-discovery and transcending our emotional pain.