Finding Stillness in the Moment

It's Sunday, gloomy, raining and cold. It’s been raining for two days now. But I’m not bothered in the least. Baby lies beside me sleeping, peacefully. The sound of his breath as his chest rises and fall coupled with the sound of rain leaves me feeling content, present, thankful. He’s just had his second morning feeding and I still find myself in utter awe watching him nurse. My body continues to produce what ultimately nourishes and sustains my son’s life. I have to pause often when I think about that. That’s deep to me. I mean none of this was on accident. All of this, this life stuff all has a purpose has meaning, something far greater than me. I’m thankful for these small big moments. These moments of stillness, quiet + calm. Moments we're able to lay around and just bask in the presence of the ones we love. They're fleeting, but when the opportunity presents itself I try my best to stop pause + feel.

Now I sit watching my own breath rise and fall intently, consciously. It's been loud lately. Running doing and more doing throughout the week trying to create and maintain some sort of rhythm. This week was exhausting but these moments are sacred. I was asked recently how do I do it. Work, mom duties, find time to work out etc. Certainly I’m ‘not the first and won’t be the last. But I’ve learned to stop pause and feel. Which in turns boosts my endurance, allowing me to at least attempt to get it all done as best I possibly can.  Sometimes I do, most of the times I don’t. I’m okay with that. Allowing things to be ok, and flowing with the as “isness” of life helps too. Everyday is practice for me. 

When we empty our life of clutter, noise and distractions prioritize our schedule around the creation of space, we open the way for vital experiences. Such as these. Until next time.. Someone is requiring my attention.