Letting Go: Knocking down internal barriers

Lately, I've been spending my effort and energy consciously letting go. Of the big things, small things, things that seem relevant things that aren't. Stories, narratives, lies, fantasies, anything and everything in-between that causes inner disturbances, all of it. I think people more so associate letting go with something negative as opposed to it being the vehicle to inner freedom. Moment to moment, I'm practicing letting go in an effort to actually enjoy and be present during the current moment and not stuck in the former moment, feeling, thought, emotion, etc. It's something that I'm consciously doing and as a result of my being intentional I'm seeing myself grow in awareness. I'm seeing myself knocking down internal barriers and partitions that causes blockage in the flow of my energy. 

I find myself reminding myself often either out loud or using my inner voice to "let go" and to "stay open". Because there's this natural tendency to resist, whether it be a big or small disturbance. But it's completely counterproductive. If you don't want the pain or disturbance, why close in on it, focus your attention on it and keep it as opposed to letting go. If you release allowing the energy to pass through, then and only then will it go away. It being whatever it is that triggers the disturbance. This is the part that I'm putting into practice. Practicing and re-conditioning myself to see everything I feel, everything that passes through me as energy. Nothing more, nothing less. All of my inner and outer experiences is energy trying to pass through me. How that energy flows is directly dependent on how open or closed I am, and my willingness to let go. 

It's all practice. It's all a part of the journey. Healing + evolving. Learning & undoing.