New Beginnings: My Birth Story

Eight hours and three pushes later here I am on the other side! It has been one hell of an adjustment period thus far, but lets rewind to labor and delivery. As many may know from my sharing on instagram and facebook, throughout the duration of my pregnancy I was fortunately able to remain very active; yoga being my primary source of activity. Now having had the experience I can unequivocally say that maintaining my practice and dedicating even more time to my pranayama practice helped me all the way through especially during the home stretch. If I didn't understand the importance of breathing and actually being able to put it into action, I don't think there was any way I would have been able to manage without some type of drugs.

Yoga for me has grown to be something far greater than vinyasa class, but something to anchor me in my everyday life. In the grocery store, stuck in traffic, in my relationships, in the delivery room. A discipline to breathe life into me during the best and worst of times. Something to re-enforce the breath always.

Being able to yield and surrender to the pain and discomfort was one of the most critical pieces to my having a pretty straightforward uncomplicated birthing experience. I was able to labor and deliver naturally with no medicine. 

Although I didn't have a plan (because.. well plans don't often go accordingly, especially during a time like child birth) I was committed to my preference and understood completely that when it came time for it I would have to put in the work, if I were to go at it all natural. I wanted to deliver my little one in the water, but that didn't happen and I was completely ok with that. I went in flexible with no attachment to any one way of doing things. I knew that by doing so I would only be doing myself a disservice by not being open to the many different ways he could join us earth side. I was however able to labor in the tub for some time, which was extremely helpful. Being able to move about freely, without the constraints of being in the bed on my back was a big deal for me. Big shout out to my midwife for going above and beyond, really setting the mood just right. Flameless candles, clary-sage, music all played an important role. I wanted to feel as close to home as possible and she made that happen. 

Aside from the pain known as contractions, one of the most challenging parts of labor was the duration of it. You absolutely have to have the stamina to endure. The hustle and flow that is NYC, I have to give credit to for keeping me moving the way I did throughout the pregnancy. There came a point probably at my 7th hour where I felt so exhausted and wondered how much longer I could go. Teary eyed, I was on the verge of doubting myself, but my partner in crime wouldn't allow it and gave me all the encouragement I needed to keep at it. I'm extremely thankful for not only his support but my sister and mother's as well. It's mind boggling to think of all the moms that labor for 22, 24+hours. All the moms who are pushing for hours! That shit is exhausting and I pushed for all of 5 minutes if that, more like 3 minutes. I can't say it enough, women truly are something magical!

So much of my journey was mental. They laughed and joked at me because my go to word was "ok". I must of said ok at least 100 times. I said ok at the start and end of each contraction as a way of affirming "Latarria, here you go you got this" and ok "Latarria, you got through another one, keep going". It helped to keep things light and fun.

I'll never quite have all the words to thoroughly express the joy and countless other emotions experienced in that room. This is my humble attempt in doing so:) 

Cheers to new beginnings!