Post Partum: Support + Self Care

Happy mommy, happy baby. Baby needs to be happy so mama gotta get it together right?

Sure but it takes time. It’s been six and a half months post-partum and the overwhelming truth that I’ve come to know, trust and understand is that it takes time + effort to heal after having a baby, no matter how super human you think you are. Post-partum recovery is a constant work in progress.  Aside from the obvious physical healing, for me mentally and emotionally requires just as much healing. As I continue to get back to myself, more than ever before it’s so necessary to take care of myself; gently, diligently and compassionately. These 6 months and counting I’ve needed to remind myself often that life as I once knew would probably never look the same and that is actually okay. Getting back in my groove means embracing the new and old parts of me, all of me because it’s all relevant.

Looking at my son for the first time irrevocably changed my soul. There are parts of me post-partum that didn’t make it to the other side, and I’m a better person because of it. To thrive means reminding myself that what I thought things should look like doesn’t always manifest as I see in my head, and to get out of my head completely and into real time!

One of the more challenging things post-partum for me has been being away from my immediate family and having limited hands on deck. As calm cool and collected as I am at my core, when a girl has had little to any time to herself things can get a little murky. Which goes back to that mental healing I was talking about earlier. It goes hand in hand. Support Support Support! Having support is critical as it allows me the additional space and time to take care and love up on myself. Happy mama, happy baby, happy everybody…at least that's the goal. Ultimately being patient and diligent in my work is key. Taking a holistic approach and recommitting as often as I need to my coping mechanisms has and continues to serve me and everyone else around me well.

Happy Mother's day to all the moms and moms to be:) And remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. It's a journey.