The Journey to Bloom


I can remember as far back as seven years old, when my mom gifted me this vibrant blue furry journal with the matching pen. It came with a lock and key which for me meant that I could really lay it out all while simultaneously creating a practice of allowing myself to be vulnerable. This journal in particular symbolized a notion of protection. I wouldn’t have to suffer any repercussions for whatever it was that I was going to write. I could share more, and spill all my secrets without worrying about anyone snooping into my prized journal. Whatever “it” was that was going on in my eight year old world, and whatever “issues” I was facing as a young child, I laid it all out in-between those pages.

This was the beginning of my love affair with writing. There’s never been a point since then that I can recall not writing or journaling, putting my innermost thoughts and feelings on paper. It has served as one of my greatest outlets, tools and resources. It has always been my safe space. It has carried and anchored me during some of the best and worst of times.

This project in particular I began working on years ago. It became a compilation of things that were already written or had been given previous thought to. However along the journey there was doubt. Not sure if the words that I wanted to share was actually meaningful and not sure if they had a place and a purpose. I began allowing these inner questions and not having the answers to these questions stall me.

As I continued to blossom, grow and expand, I continued to realize and discover pieces of my purpose. What kept coming back to me was a gut feeling and an innate knowing that I was supposed to be writing and sharing stories. That I was supposed to be a voice for people who perhaps lost theirs. I sank deeper into this realization and came to the conclusion that I had to complete this project not solely for me, but for the many young girls and women who had yet to become aware of the seed nestled deep on the inside of them.

So I continued to write, allowing myself to “go there” as I’ve always done, this time just on a greater magnitude. This is real life. Real people, with real feelings and real things going on. WE need real people to tell their real truth and their real stories. When we make it known that “Im in this thing too” “what you’re going through, what you’re suffering from, as am I” You’re not alone. When people really come to grips with the fact that their not alone naturally you’re more compelled to share your own story, testimony, struggle. This is how we’re going to shift the narrative, heal and expand as a collective.